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My lead times are estimated at 8 - 10 weeks, This means I may have your order built and in the mail a couple weeks under the 8 week mark or a couple weeks over the 10 week mark but should fall close to the estimated 8 - 10 weeks. Starting 5/5/2016
We are currently moving into the new location, the new isp has been a little spotty so if you dont get a reply from me within 24 hours please contact me again. My wife has been hospitalized 4 times in the last monht and a half so this has us a little more behind but I promise I am working as hard as I can to get moved and set back up I will be finsihing all December - January orders asap as soon as we are set back up Rough guess if you can hang in there 2 -4 weeks ill get those orders out and then should be able to chug right along and get all the others and be back caught up. I am so sorry for the delays but I do thank you for working with, please hang in there just a little longer.

Sincerely, James Nelson
I will do my best to kept this page updated on what orders I am working on and when they will ship out as closely as I can.