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My lead times are estimated at 8 - 10 weeks, This means I may have your order built and in the mail a couple weeks under the 8 week mark or a couple weeks over the 10 week mark but should fall close to the estimated 8 - 10 weeks. Starting 5/5/2016
"I am working on finishing up all September orders and moving on to October at this time, I may be a couple weeks off on my lead times on orders made in September but ther are moving along pretty good. My wife has had a few stays in the hospital over the last month and will be having sergery on November the 20th so this may get me a little off track but not behind like I had been most of the year. As of last 10/5/2018 we have found out my wifes cancer has returned and we will see what we need to do next please say a prayere for her. Other than being off by a week or 2 on my leadtimes I am pretty much caught up as soon as this last batch mails out on the 19 - 22 and should be very close on my lead time from here on out. Please allow me to explain....While getting ready to move to our new location my wife began having seizures that were very bad, some 20 - 24 grand mal seizures at a time that just wouldnt stop. She has made many trips to the ER by ambulance and hospital stays, some many miles away from our home town. After about the 4th round of this she had a lot of blood coming up and this lead to her being diagnosed with esophegeal cancer (stage 2) and luckily nothing had spread. She has been going through chemo and radiation treatments and this will be followed with surgery and then chemo and radiation once more. The treatments have made her extremely sick and she has lost around 60 pounds since June. I had been trying to do everything in the shop on my own and help my wife during all this time. This is why I fell so far behind. I am truly sorry for being so late on these orders and hope you can understand. I now have my youngest son, my youngest sister and my Mother coming to help me out with my wife and allowing me to get back to work as much as possible. I am gaining fast on those overdue orders. At the rate I am going right now I should be caught up in approx. 1 to 1 1/2 months. I truly thank each and every one of you for the prayers on my wifes recovery. As long as everything goes good she has a pretty good chance of beating this. Once again, Thank you for being so patient and understanding.

Sincerely, James Nelson
I will do my best to kept this page updated on what orders I am working on and when they will ship out as closely as I can.