Nelson Holsters Guns I have.
Will order blue gun if available.
My gun list is not in alphabetical order so please scroll the whole list for your gun model.
We can not order a blue gun for a pocket holster only...

All 1911 pistols will will just need to be selected by barrel length,rail or no rail with the exception of the Sig profiled 1911's and kimber melt, this includes Colt, Springfield, Rock island. If you have a kimber with the kimber melt just select the correct 1911 barrel length and send me a email after you order and let me know it has the kimber melt.
If you have a Sig 1911 and i dont have it listed just select the correct barrel lenght, rail or no rail and send me a email after you order if it has the Sig profile slide.
1911 full size w/rail
1911 full size
1911 3 inch barrel
1911 3 1/2 inch barrel
1911 4 inch barrel
1911 4 inch barrel w/rail
1911 4.25 barrel
1911 4 1/2 barrel
Beretta 90-two
Beretta 92/96fs /m9
Beretta 92/96 A1
Beretta 92 Compact w/r Inox
Beretta 92FS compact l
Beretta m9a1
Beretta Vertec w/r
Beretta 950 bs
Beretta px4 storm full size
Beretta Px4 Storm SD
Beretta Nano
Bersa thunder 380
Bersa bp9cc
Bersa bp40cc
Colt 380 Mustang rnd guard
Colt MKIV SERIES 80 380
Browning 1911 22/380
FNX 40
Glock 17 22 31
Glock 19 23 32
Glock 26 27 33
Glock 30s
Glock 36
Glock 20/21/20sf/21sf
Glock 30/30sf
Glock 29/29sf
Glock 42
Glock 43
Glock 34
Glock 41

HK P30
HK P30sk
HK usp 45 full size
HK 45C
HK p2000 full size
HK p2000 sk
Kahr pm9
Kahr cm9
Kahr CW9
Kahr mk9
Kahr P380
Kel-tec pf9
Kimber solo
Ruger p95
Ruger Sr9
Ruger Sr40
Ruger Sr9c
Ruger Sr40c
Ruger Lc9
Ruger Lc380
Ruger Lcp
Ruger Lc9/ Reactor 5
Ruger Lc380/ Reactor 5
Ruger lcp/Reactor 5
Ruger Lcr
Ruger MK 2 4" tapered bbl
Ruger Sp101 3"
Sig P220
Sig 226 No Rail
Sig P228
Sig P229
Sig p245
Sig P938
Sig p238
Sig 2022
Sig p239
Sig M11A1 no rail
Sig 1911 RCS/C3
Sig ultra 3" 1911
Sig 1911 w/rail 5"
Sig carry Scorpion 4"
Steyr L9-A1
Steyr S-A1 9mm
Steyr S-A1 40
Steyr M-A1
Steyr C-A1
Steyr M9 gen 1 N/R
Springfield Operator 5"
Springfield Armory XD MOD.2
Springfield Operator 4"
Wilson Combat Ultralight Carry Compact 4"
Wilson Combat Ultralight Carry "5
XD Tactical "Full size 45"
XD Tactical "Full size 9/40"
XD Service length 45
XD Service length 9/40
XD Sub Compact 45
XD Sub Compact 9/40
XDs 9mm
XDs 45 acp
XDS 3.3 45/9mm with Crimson Trace Laser Guard
XDM 9/40 3.8
XDM 9/40 4.5
XDM 9/40 5.25
XD Mod2
S&W 4040
S&W 5906
S&W 6904 Sq trigger
S&W CS45/CS40
S&W M&P Pro 5"
S&W M&P full size 9/40
S&W M&P compact 9/40
S&W M&P Shield 9/40
S&W Bodyguard
S&W SDVE 9/40
S&W J frame 2 1/2
Walther P5
Walther ppq
Walther ppq sd (navy)
Walther ppq m2 5"
CZ SP01 Phantom
Glock 17 /TLR-1
Kahr PM9 /ct laser gaurd
XDS /CT laser gaurd
Ruger sr22
Beretta Nano
CZ 75 SP-01
Boberg XR9S
CZ 75
Browning Hipower
S&W MODEL 686 (4in)
S&W MODEL 686 SSR (4in)
FN 5.7
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