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The Phoenix-v2 iwb has surpassed the stealth holster in comfort by all my guys who have tested the holster to date.
What you get with this holster is a proven design based on the stealth but with more comfort, lower ride hight, a unique twist that tucks the grip in closer to the body for added concealmen. A standard leather reinforcement comes on this holster and of course it comes with my neoprene backing.
Please email me for any option you want that isn't listed.
Phoenix-v2 iwb
Neoprene backing
I tried to capture the angle here but not sure how good I've done. The way the holster is built it angles the butt of the gun in toward the body as it has a slight rotation inside the holster, this helps in hiding the butt of the gun and tucks it up nice and close to your body.
The holster is a half wrap design so there still as thin as a regular holster.
Low ride design
The way this holster is built along with the leather reinforced mouth is super stiff and eliminates the need for any metal or polymer inserts in the holster mouth. Making one handed holstering a brezze.
Two tone colors option will make the reinforcment and loops in a second selected color if you prefer this option.
If you want the reinforcment in one color and the loops to remain in the main holster body color just email me to let me know. Add this option to the cart last.