Right or Left Hand
Belt clip size
Gun Model
Barrel length
Phone number
Please only put in gun models I have in my gun list and be as exact as possible on the gun model and barrel length.

(Example) Glock 17 gen 5.
(Example) 1911 3 inch barrel.
(Example) Kimber Ultra cdp kimber melt and under barrel length 3 inch barrel.

If you don't see your gun model listed please contact me as it is very possible I already have it or can get a mold gun for it. I stay busy working on leather and dont always have my gun list updated.

To contact me...

If you call and get the voicemail please leave a msg and I will call back asap.
The Aiwb holster can be worn in any area but was designed to be used as appendix carry.
I like to wear this holster outside the pants but inside my belt but most just go full on iwb with this set up.
Holster comes with a neoprene backing covered in a material similar to the under armor clothing line and works wonderfully in wicking away moisture from your body, the neoprene keeps your gun sweat free.
Please email me for any option you want that isn't listed.
This holster can be made for any gun I have on my gun list, both semi auto and revolvers.
As with all holsters please take care when holstering you gun. This being a appendix holster it will place the muzzle orientation toward the femoral artery. Be sure there is no shirt tail caught up in this holster with your gun.
Neoprene example
Aiwb single
clip holster