The Thunderbird holster can be used as a iwb or owb holster and comes with kydex belt clips and hardware for iwb conversion. It is also adjustable in cant and ride height when used as a iwb holster.
The holster has belt slots to be used as a owb holster, 1 1/2'' are my standard belt slots.
The holster is best as owb but will work as iwb in a pinch.
Right or Left Hand
Belt Clip size
Gun Model
Barrel length
Phone number
Two tone color, reinforcement only
Pictured in the iwb configuration. Adjustable for hieght and cant in this configuration.

Please be aware although you can use this holster as a iwb holster it is not as comfortable for long term use as a dedicated iwb holster. The spacers on the clips can stick depending on how tight they are tightend
Please email me for any option you want that isn't listed.
Thunderbird defender